Episode 101

The premiere episode shines a spotlight on the most exotic and exciting walks in America.

Episode 101: Design is People

The premiere episode of City Walk shines a spotlight on the most exciting walks in America from New York to California. Along the way we walk the streets of Harlem and take a look at the amazing life and work of the legendary urban activist Jane Jacobs and take a hike in the mountains high above Boulder.

We discover how technology that once promised an easy lifestyle may now be harmful to your health and spend time with Daniela, a teenage stroke victim who now treasures every step she takes. On the lighter side we visit the set of Funny or Die’s West Wing Reunion where Martin Sheen and entire cast walks and talks about the benefits of walking, enjoy a walking tour de force of Washington DC and a stroll through Old Pasadena with acclaimed food critic Jonathan Gold.

Finally we take a walk on the Highline, a former railroad track turned elevated -park that’s become one of New York City’s most popular destinations.


Cherry Blossoms DC

Walks of Life: Harlem

Take a look at the work of Jane Jacobs, which revolutionized walkability and more people oriented cities. She celebrated a walking lifestyle on the streets of New York. We take a walk through Harlem for a look at the history and politics that can be discovered just by walking along the streets of the neighborhood.

Can’t Drive Here: Boulder, CO

We take a walk through the mountainside of Boulder, CO.  Just stepping outside puts you in the middle of fresh air and beautiful scenery.

A Word From the President: West Wing Reunion PSA

Join us on the set of Funny or Die’s Walk & Talk West Wing reunion, where the cast of the show is reunited in their trademark walk & talk to discuss the many benefits of walking 30 minutes a day.

Walk Score: Old Town, Pasadena

With a walk score of 92, Old Town Pasadena has plenty to do on foot. They are known for taking old, unused buildings and turning them into places that people really want to go to – restaurants, movie theaters and shops. From the neighborhing residential communities, just a short stroll puts you in the center of town.

Can’t Walk There: Walkable Sidewalks

We discuss how the easiest thing to do to make a community more walkable is to make the sidewalks safer and more accessible.

Side Effects: Walking Therapy

We visit with Daniela who had a stroke causing her to be unable to move her arms and legs. With her physical therapist Chris Krzyzkowski, she used walking to take steps toward recovery. Once she got up, as with most patients, she wanted to keep going.

Walks of Life: Washington, D.C. Walking Tour

Jeanne Fogle of A Tour de Force takes people on walks around Washington, D.C. By walking the city on a tour, visitors are able to learn the history and experience it on foot.

American Dreams: “See the USA in Your Chevrolet”

Through a trip back to 1952, we explore how the automobile revolutionized transportation.

Walk in the Park: The High Line

Take a trip to the High Line, formerly a rail line that used to bring meat into Manhatten. It has since been repurposed to create an elevated park that the public can traverse. The High Line fuses nature with industrialization as flowers grow around the old train tracks.

High Line