Episode 103

Join the Iverson Mall Walkers, explore a quartet of New York parks and travel down the West Coast.

Episode 103: What is the City but the People?

The third episode of City Walk ventures back in time and across the continent as the walking revolution spreads from New York to Portland to the trails of Orange County.

We witness first hand the pedestrian experience over a century ago on the doublewide sidewalks of old New York, then traverse the present day parks of Manhattan including a visit to a vibrant public space where we’re surprised to find out that not every park is green. We meet a new breed of therapist who uses walking to heal the mind and later discover that the road to happiness is best traveled on foot. The rugged canyons of Orange County, California are brought closer to home on a spectacular hike that can’t be experienced through the windshield of a car. We walk the streets of Portland and peek in on Portlandia, with former Mayor and current television star Sam Adams.

What do cigarettes and walking have in common? Prepare to be surprised in a unique juxtaposition of 20th century advertising and 21st century medical facts. And finally we spend a little quality time with the Iverson Mall Walkers, an uncommon group of people who will line dance their way into your heart.


New York

Walk in the Park: Manhattan Parks Quartet

A walking tour of Manhattan’s favorite neighborhood parks, organized by Urban Parks Conference: Washington Square Park, Union Square Park, Madison Square Park, Bryant Park and Times Square.

Walks of Life: Iverson Mall Walkers

This group of spunky seniors in Maryland have been strolling their way to better health and social interaction since 1989 at the Iverson Mall in Hillcrest Heights, Maryland in the suburbs of Washington, DC.

Can’t Drive Here: Irvine Ranch Conservancy

Docent-led tours at Baker Canyon, part of the Irvine Ranch Conservancy 30 miles within the city limits of Irvine in Southern California. No cars allowed.

Walk Score: Portland, Oregon

Explore all that Portland has to offer – the streets are lined with hip and trendy food spots and shopping.  Introduced by former Mayor Sam Adams, and a clip from the hit-TV series “Portlandia” featuring a cameo appearance by the mayor.

Side Effects: Walking as an Anti-Depressant

Walking is the quickest anti-depressant on the market today reports author and
psychologist John Arden, PhD. “Walk and Talk Therapy” founder Clay Cockrell uses New York’s Central Park as his office and holds patient sessions outdoors in the park all year round.

Walks of Life: 1901 New York

A busy New York street corner, a case study of the perfect walkable neighborhood, filmed in 1901 by the Thomas Edison Company.

American Dreams: 1970s Cigarette Advertising

1970’s vintage cigarette ad “You’ve come a long way, baby’ juxtaposed with comments from sports physician Karim Khan about the physical similarities between smoking and lack of exercise.