Episode 105

Explore the hidden shorelines of Manhattan and stop in Denver, Portland and DC discovering sidewalks and trails.

Episode 105: It Is a Great Art to Saunter

Episode 105 of City Walk explores the hidden shorelines of Manhattan and travels high into the Rocky Mountains with stops in Denver, Portland and Washington DC as communities across America rediscover their sidewalks and trails.  Most people think of New York as a city filled with taxis and skyscrapers, but not the Shorewalkers. They celebrate the parks, promenades and trails along the water. Once a year over a thousand people circumnavigate the entire island of Manhattan, some 32 miles in a single day in a unique event called The Great Saunter.

Once upon a time most children traveled to school by foot instead of by car. We take a nostalgic look at ‘the walk to school’ and discover what’s been lost and what can be gained when kids get back on their feet. What do trees have to do with sidewalks? If you answered shade, you’re only half correct. In fact, some communities think trees and sidewalks are so important together, they mandate them. But for some people sidewalks are too tame, just ask the man who in 1925 decided walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, not at the bottom but across the top.
Did you know that Denver is the 5th fittest city in the United States but according to John Hickenlooper they want to be number one? Meet the Governor of Colorado and discover how many places you can get to on foot in the mile high city. Every 21 seconds someone is diagnosed with Diabetes, but there’s a miracle cure that can not only reduce but actually prevent almost half the cases of the fastest growing disease in America… and it’s not a pill.

What exactly is Volkswalking? Follow an amazing community of people on an uplifting journey that strengthens their legs as well as their hearts, uniting family and friends on some of the most spectacular trails of life.


Great Saunter

Walks of Life: The Great Saunter

The Great Saunter is s a day-long walk exploring Manhattan’s 32-mile shoreline, visiting more than 20 parks and promenades of Manhattan Island.  Shorewalkers, Inc, a non-profit environmental and walking group, has helped Manhattan’s waterfront rim evolve since the group began fighting for a public shoreline walkway in 1982. Now the path is nearly contiguous.
-Come join us as we explore the shores of Manhattan.

Can’t Drive There: D.C. Sidewalks

Heather Deutch of the District Department of Transportation explains how D.C.’s pedestrian friendly sidewalk laws create walkable spaces within the city.

American Dreams: The Walk to School

We take a journey back in time when nearly 50% of children walked to school.  We explore the growing trend away from walking to school and the overall lack of an emphasis on exercise amongst schools.

Walk Score: Denver, CO

We explore all that Denver has to offer from a vibrant street mall, to a world-class aquarium, and the amazing natural landscape.  A city not to be missed, Denver offers plenty to explore within walking distance.

Side Effects: Diabetes

The diseases of sedentary living are taking major tolls on the health and lifestyle of our country.  Experts explore the idea of simply getting up and moving to improve our health and adding more physical activity in our daily lives to help in the long run.

Can’t Walk There: Brooklyn Bridge

1925, Brooklyn Bridge: We watch as a man and a camera climb the famous landmark.

Walk in the Park: Volkswalking

Volkswalking provides a unique take on non-competitive fitness walking and gives this group a chance to explore the beautiful scenery in Boulder, CO.