Episode 201

The season two premiere of 'City Walk' takes audiences from the Penn and Teller Theater in Las Vegas to abandoned buildings in New York.

Episode 201: Cars Mean Nothing to Me

Episode 201 travels from the Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas to the unknown buildings of New York to an unusual classroom in Los Angeles and across the Atlantic to a beach in the Netherlands where magical creatures walk powered by the wind.



Walking Classroom

The Walking Classroom is a new way of learning that improves the mind and body at the same time. We meet educator Laura Fenn, the former 5th grade teacher who created it and a group of enthusiastic students who listen to their lessons as they walk around the playground at Vintage Magnet School in North Hills, California.

New York City Historical Architecture Tour

Meet Matt Postal, architectural historian and New York City tour guide. He believes that the best way to see a city is on foot. Matt shows us the undiscovered buildings of Union Square and tells their little known history.


Since 1990, Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been creating new forms of life out of plastic yellow tubes on the beaches of the Netherlands. There his skeletons survive, thrive and walk powered by the wind, almost as if by magic.

City Walk, MD: Fit and Fat

Family physician and past president of the American College of Sports Medicine Dr. Bob Sallis tells it like it is. He gives us the facts and promotes physical fitness as a reliable antidote to the many conditions caused by sedentary lifestyles. According to Dr. Sallis, it’s better to be fit and fat than skinny and unfit. He tells us to throw away our scales and focus on walking as a measure of good health.

Walk Score: Chicago

The Chicago Loop is the central business district of the windy city. With a world-class public transportation system and welcoming walkways you don’t need a car to run errands or enjoy the sights of Grant Park. Join us as take in the art, sounds of Lollapalooza, the breathtaking views of the city from the Willis Tower Skydeck and feast on a Chicago Red Hot.

Walking Contest

“I don’t know why but when we walk at the same speed I get uncomfortable,” says comedian Daniel Koren as he begins a walking contest in his mind. What happens when you look at that person walking next to you and why is it awkward? Daniel Koren searches for the answer on the black and white streets of New York City in this short film by Vania Heymann.

Side Effects: Allison’s Stroke Story

Stroke is the leading cause of adult disability in the United States and Europe and the number two cause of death in the world. Alison Bonds Shapiro suffered two debilitating and nearly fatal strokes that stopped her in her tracks. She shares her inspiring story of recovery and how she reclaimed both her ability to walk and realized a lifelong dream.


Walk Stars: Penn & Teller

Known for their outrageous blending of comedy and illusion, Penn & Teller’s Las Vegas show can feature knives, guns, a fire-eating showgirl and a duck. Edgy, provocative and hilarious, not only are they constantly reinventing their act but everyone walks both onstage and off.