Episode 203

City Walk explores the streets of Los Angeles by foot, bicycle and Space Shuttle.

Episode 203: Inglewood Hollywood Dreamers

In this Emmy-nominated episode, City Walk explores the streets of LA by foot, bicycle and Space Shuttle – from the stairways of Echo Park to Venice Beach, from LAX to The California Science Center, finally disappearing inside a secret bunker deep beneath LA’s City Hall.


Walks of Life: The Big Parade

There are over 300 staircases in the city of Los Angeles and a resilient group of City Walkers is determined to climb them all in a Big Parade of people who tweet as they tread.

WalkScore: Pasadena

Los Angeles Times Pulitzer-Prize winning Restaurant Critic Jonathan Gold reveals why Old Pasadena is a great place to walk. And the easiest way to get there is via Metro Rail: Join us on a fast and furious journey aboard The Gold Line, a public transportation adventure with breathtaking views of Los Angeles that can’t be seen through the windshield of a car.

Can’t Drive There: The Gold Line

Meanwhile, straight up the next onramp, millions of cars take to the freeways in a perpetual race to nowhere. We spotlight 24 hours of life on LA’s iconic freeway system.

Can’t Walk Here: Junior Vanderbilt Cup Venice Beach

100 years ago to the month a ‘little tramp’ named Charlie Chaplin made his first appearance on camera during the Junior Vanderbilt Cup in Venice Beach. City Walk commemorates this moment by screening Chaplin performing as the tramp in front of real life spectators and unaware extras in the iconic film, “Kid Auto Races at Venice.”

Walk Stars: Satellite Beach

Actor Luke Wilson walks a similar path a century later, in the award winning short, “Satellite Beach.” Turning thousands of cheering throngs and a Space Shuttle into unwitting players, he follows the Endeavor on its 3-day journey through the colorful communities of Los Angeles from LAX to its final stop at The California Science Center.

City Works: ATSAC

For some people, traffic is not only a science, but also a passion. KCRW’s Traffic Queen Kajon Cermak takes us on a once-in-a-lifetime tour of the Automated Traffic Surveillance and Control (ATSAC) System buried deep beneath City Hall where everything you ever wanted to know about Los Angeles traffic is finally revealed.