Episode 204

From stairclimbs to bike paths, this episode explores the sport of pedestrianism.

Episode 204: Chuckle Buddies

City Walk races to the top of the highest building west of the Mississippi, takes to the bike path with drummer and composer Stewart Copeland, scours the scrappy streets of downtown Las Vegas, treks back to when Pedestrianism was the #1 sport in America and uncovers the hidden connection between exercise and medicine.


Walk Stars: Stewart Copeland

When composer and rock star Stewart Copeland wants to relax he gathers his buddies and takes to the bike path in Santa Monica… but when it comes to upper body exercise he dances to the beat of his own giant drum kit.

Walks of Life: Pedestrianism

Today football and baseball pack them in… but back in the 1800s watching people walk was America’s favorite spectator sport. Best-selling author Mathew Algeo takes us on a journey back in time to when hundreds of thousands cheered on the next Pedestrian Champion of the World!

Schnee Running

But when Jo and Leo, a couple of 13-year old parkour aficionados in Dresden, Germany want to relax, they like to free-run even when temperatures are below freezing. In a delightful romp on snow-covered ground they ‘flip flop fantastic’ in Schnee Running.

Walks of Life: Stair Climb

Elevators are for wimps! Just ask the thousands of downtown LA office workers who climb the stairs every year in a race 75 stories to the top of the US Bank Tower in Los Angeles to raise money for the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA.

City Walk MD: Exercise is Medicine

What do exercise and medicine have in common? Bob Sallis, our resident City Walk, MD, sheds new light on ancient remedies and reveals why your next prescription might not involve a visit to the pharmacy.

Walkscore: Detroit

Detroit may be the motor city, but you can walk downtown all day without ever running out of things to do – from the Fox Theatre where the stars of Motown performed to the many stadiums where the action never stops.

City Works: Las Vegas

Everyone knows about the fabulous strip in Las Vegas, but what about the wild streets downtown? Turns out what once was run down, has now come back to glitzy life and according to former mayor Oscar Goodman, the future is limited only by people’s imagination.