Episode 205

From Oregon to D.C. to West Hollywood, City Walk takes you into the wild.

Episode 205: Slow Walker

City Walk hikes the Pacific Crest Trail with Reese Witherspoon, takes a walk with a Doc in San Diego, travels by foot across Copenhagen, joins a heartwarming game of soccer before hitting the rails to trails in Washington, D.C. and the streets of West Hollywood like you’ve never seen before.


Walk Stars: Wild

Actress and producer Reese Witherspoon was so inspired by the words of author Cheryl Strayed’s memoir “Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail,” she decided to try it out for herself only to discover it was the most physically challenging film of her career and possibly one of the most rewarding.

Side Effects: Jaxin’s Asthma Story

When 8-year old Jaxin was diagnosed with asthma, everyone thought she’d never play team sports, but nothing was going to stop her from running and kicking the ball across the soccer field every week. She loves being a team player and her coach loves that she’s lightning fast.


Walk Score: Copenhagen

Danish architect Helle Soholt shows us why Copenhagen is not only one of the most walkable cities in Europe, but also a bike rider’s paradise filled with castles, parks, and a smorgasbord of site-seeing opportunities.

Walks of Life: Rails to Trails

What once were thousands of miles of abandoned railroad tracks have now become thousands of miles of trails. We go for a walk on one of those trails in Washington, D.C. with city planner Heather Deutch, who points out not only the edible plants that line the trail but the incredible views of our nation’s capital that crown the journey.

City Walk MD: Walk With Your Doc

Instead of writing out another prescription, City Walk MD Michael Moreno decided to take his patients out for a walk instead. Several times a week they join him out on the San Diego shore for a mile-long, “Walk with a Doc.” Not only are his patients happier and healthier, Dr. Moreno considers it the best experience of his career.


City Works: West Hollywood

Mayor John D’Amico believes that “West Hollywood is one part actual place and one part state of mind. It has a long history of inventing the culture that other cities consume.” Discover why on an exciting journey from the Sunset Strip to Santa Monica Boulevard and everything in between.