Episode 206

Learn why your foot is a superhero as City Walk takes you on walks around the racetrack, NYC under the moon, and beyond.

Episode 206: Walking = Falling Forward

City Walk takes to the Santa Monica bike path with drummer and composer Stewart Copeland, reveals why your foot is a superhero, travels to New York City for a midnight walk for health and awareness, reveals the secret connection between walking and nutrition and why it’s better to be fit and fat instead of skinny and unfit, goes for a hike in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado and around Portland, Oregon with a lively group of Volkswalkers, travels to Cleveland for a heartwarming walk in the zoo and Los Angeles where a group of NASCAR fans walk the track before the big race. All of this and more in this special Health and Fitness episode of City Walk!



Walk in the Park: NASCAR Trackwalk

Have you ever wanted to stroll around a NASCAR speedway but were afraid of becoming road kill? Join a group of intrepid fans as they take a walk on the wild side and experience a rush you can only get on your own two feet.

Side Effects: The Foot

There’s more to your foot than meets the eye. Discover the amazing design and anatomy of a single footstep. You’ll never take walking for granted again.

Walk Stars: Stewart Copeland

When composer and rock star Stewart Copeland wants to relax, he gathers his buddies and takes to the bike path in Santa Monica… but when it comes to upper body exercise he dances to the beat of his own giant drum kit.

Walks of Life: Cleveland Zoo

When a group of adventure-seeking seniors tackle the rain-drenched pathways of the CLEVELAND ZOO, they discover that there are no limits, whatever your age, as long as you stay active.

City Walk MD: Fit and Fat

Family physician and past president of the American College of Sports Medicine Dr. Bob Sallis tells it like it is. He gives us the facts and promotes physical fitness as a reliable antidote to the many conditions caused by sedentary lifestyles. According to Dr. Sallis, it’s better to be fit and fat than skinny and unfit. He tells us to throw away our scales and focus on walking as a measure of good health.

Walks of Life: MoonWalk

Join us in New York City where thousands take to the streets to raise money and awareness for breast cancer research on a midnight MoonWalk that brings together victims, survivors and hope.


American Dreams: Nutrition

Believe it or not there’s a direct link between a healthy diet and walking. Both have benefits that extend beyond immediate solutions and unite to create a happier and healthy life.

Walk in the Park: Volkswalking

What exactly is Volkswalking? Follow an amazing community of people on an uplifting journey that strengthens their legs as well as their hearts, uniting family and friends on some of the most spectacular trails of life.