Episode 207

From the shores of Manhattan to the beaches of the Netherlands, this episode takes you on an international saunter unlike anything you've seen before.

Episode 207: Explorations at 3MPH

Episode 207 of City Walk saunters the shorelines of Manhattan, sees the USA in a Chevrolet, strolls the art galleries and museums of Pasadena, travels to a beach in the Netherlands where magical creatures walk powered by the wind, and joins tens of thousands of people as they shut down the streets of Los Angeles in a colorful 15-mile ride to the sea to celebrate a day without cars. Great walks. Great rides. And one spectacular saunter.


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Walks of Life: The Great Saunter

Most people think of New York as a city filled with taxis and skyscrapers, but not the Shorewalkers. They celebrate the parks, promenades and trails along the coast. Once a year over a thousand people circumnavigate the entire island of Manhattan, some 32 miles in a single day in a unique event called The Great Saunter.

American Dreams: “See the USA in Your Chevrolet”

Join us on a trip back to the 1950s for a lighthearted look at the selling of the suburban American Dream and “see the USA in your Chevrolet!”

Walks of Life: ArtNight Pasadena

Twice a year the streets of Pasadena, California come alive as tens of thousands enjoy a free evening of art, music and entertainment at ArtNight, a celebration that can only be enjoyed on foot.

Walks of Life: Strandbeests

Since 1990, Dutch artist Theo Jansen has been creating new forms of life out of plastic yellow tubes on the beaches of the Netherlands. There his skeletons survive, thrive and walk powered by the wind, almost as if by magic.

Cycles of Life: CicLAvia

And when cars are removed from the streets of Los Angeles, they’re replaced with thousands of smiles on a dynamite bike ride to the sea. It’s all part of CicLAvia, a celebration of public space, safe streets and a rediscovery of our neighborhoods and communities–one city block at a time.

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