Episode 208

Hit the trails of Baker Canyon with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy in this episode of City Walk.

Episode 208: Basically a Gardener

Episode 208 of City Walk strolls the green paths of Ocean View Farms Community Gardens in Los Angeles, hikes the scenic canyons of Orange County, walks the doublewide sidewalks of old New York, visits a bike oasis in Las Vegas, takes a turn on a treadmill in Rancho Cucamonga, reveals the surprising truth about weight loss and health with City Walk MD, treks back in time to when pedestrianism was the #1 sport in America and sails through the clouds high above Camarillo, California. All of this and more as City Walk travels from the earth to the sky.


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Walk in the Park: Ocean View Farms

On a peaceful hill overlooking Los Angeles and the Santa Monica Bay, Ocean View Farms is a community garden and urban oasis that connects people with nature in the middle of a bustling city. Join us, as we taste tomatoes, harvest cucumbers and yellow squash and stroll in the sunshine of a beautiful summer morning.

Can’t Drive Here: Baker Canyon, OC Parks

The rugged hills of Orange County, California are brought closer to home on a spectacular docent-led hike in Baker Canyon with the Irvine Ranch Conservancy, an experience that can only happen on foot and not through the windshield of a car.

Cycles of Life: Biking Las Vegas

If you think that Las Vegas is all casinos and cars, think again. The streets are complete with bicycle lanes and a rapidly growing public transportation system that’s transforming the city.

City Walk MD: Fat and Fit

It is better to be fat and fit or skinny and unfit? What City Walk MD: Dr. Bob Sallis has to say about weigh loss may surprise you.

Walks of Life: Treadmill Tips

If you want to turbocharge your workout try walking on a treadmill. It’s nothing less than a surefire conveyer belt to a brand new you. And there’s a dedicated trainer in Rancho Cucamonga, California who’s determined to make you feel like a million bucks, even if it hurts.

Walks of Life: What Happened on Twenty-Third Street

We witness firsthand “What Happened on Twenty-Third Street” over a century ago on the doublewide sidewalks of old New York, where the perfect walkable neighborhood was filmed in 1901 by the Thomas Edison Company.

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Walks of Life: Pedestrianism

Today football and baseball pack them in… But back in the 1800s watching people walk was America’s favorite spectator sport. Best-selling author Matthew Algeo takes us on a journey back in time to when hundreds of thousands cheered on the next Pedestrian Champion of the World!

What’s Your Excuse?

There are any number of reasons people choose not to walk. What’s your excuse?

Can’t Walk There: The Camarillo Skywalk

Some people walk on sidewalks, others prefer trails, but Billy Sullivan gets his thrill walking two miles high above Camarillo and free falling to the ground at 120 miles per hour… feet first. A journey with spectacular views of the California coastline below.